Get all Exchange 2010 Services over Powershell

Hi folks,

It seems to be my first blog here. As IT guy writing for IT people, I won’t boring you with useless information :).  My first script helps you to get status of all exchange 2010 services from all servers in you exchange org. So you can easy and quickly check if all services are running as expected:

$a=Get-ExchangeServer | where {$_.DistinguishedName -like “*FYDI*”}
foreach ($test in $a){write-host $ $test.serverrole; Get-Service msexc* -ComputerName $test | format-table -autosize}

The first line get all Exchange 2010 Server from the first administrative group with generic name “CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)”.

Second line enumerates exchange services on each exchange server (they always starts with msexchange*) and writes output in the console.

Enjoy …

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